Who are we?

Integrity is our keynote!

We, Mirror for Complete Translation Solutions and Certified Translation, based in Cairo, Egypt, offer reliable, high-quality translation and a range of various other services. We provide localization, content creation and editing, DTP, transcription and many other services. Mirror depends on specialized personnel with a high level of expertise in translation and localization, as well as highly qualified and competent researchers in different fields and industries. Our ultimate goal is to fulfil the needs and aspirations of our valued clients.

Mirror has chosen this name to reflect what it is: a mirror translation of your document, in form and content, maintaining the actual purpose, spirit and meaning of the original text. We seek to provide a final product that can be easily compared and identified with the original text. We aim to make your goal realized before your very eyes.

It was not an easy start. The emergence of Mirror in 2016 was the fruit of robust efforts and having to overcome a number of obstacles. Thank God, Mirror has managed after a long struggle to establish itself on solid ground with the assistance of a remarkable team who have worked round the clock to earn Mirror a good name. In a relatively short time, Mirror has become very competitive in the translation market, due to its unique advantages that attract clients, satisfying their needs and maintaining their trust.

 ‘Success has been our Friend’

“Praise be to Allah with Whose blessings good deeds are accomplished, ends are realized and wishes come true.”

The dream of establishing a bridge for communication never abandoned me. I had always dreamt of founding a company that would offer the highest standards of quality and professionalism and a fine translated text as powerfully communicative and impressive as its source text – nothing short of a work of art.

From a young age, I loved to read books translated from other languages, but they seemed to lose much in translation. I joined the Faculty of Languages and Translation to pursue my dream. Hindrances were soon in my way, but fiery determination urged me to face up to them and combat them.

After graduation and the accumulation of work experience, I started thinking of founding a company that would overcome the disadvantages and deficiencies I found in other companies I worked for, while caring too for my clients and delivering high-quality post-sales service.

Years of hard work and elbow grease preceded the launching of Mirror in late 2016. It has taken less than three years to form a remarkable team capable of competing with major companies in the field and earning our clients’ trust through offering a unique translation service. Our relationship with clients does not end with delivering our work, as we aim at establishing long-term friendships and providing customer service that helps maintain the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

Success has been our friend in our early steps, with over ten million words translated by our team since the launching of Mirror (less than 3 years).

Our aspirations are boundless. We are in a continuous process of self-development to make Mirror one of the most highly respected names in the translation industry by 2030. We dream of making Mirror a powerful name, with our services eagerly sought by all.

Mirror is fully aware that translation is a matter of integrity. That is why our translators spare no effort to look into the text, absorb its meaning with precision and convey it with appropriate words and expressions and fine style that carry the same influence as the original text. Taking into consideration the nature and culture of the original text and the target audience is our number one priority. With our high standards of professionalism, we endeavor to make the translation a Mirror Copy of the original text that reflects it in every aspect.

Mirror actively seeks to meet our clients’ requirements with accuracy and transparency through an integrated package of linguistic services.

Mirror makes clients’ needs and satisfaction its primary focus. Our goal is to actualize yours! Mirror team is dedicated to matching the needs of our clients with eagerness, integrity, accuracy and professionalism.

Mirror aims at maximizing client satisfaction by offering high-quality, post-sale services. We keep your files permanently, so, if you want to make any alterations or additions, even years later, we are ready for you. We also guarantee your rights in case of any flaws or defects in translation, although we are proud of the fact that any mistakes are very few and far between.

Mirror seeks to create new opportunities for intercultural interaction and to keep abreast with new developments through our outstanding translation services. Our policy is to maintain cordial long-term relations with clients after implementing their projects.



Office 908, 11 Al-Nasr Rd., Rabi’a Al-Adawiyya Sq.
,opposite the Central Agency for Organization and Administration.
Phone: +2 01008155171
Email: info@mirror-trans.com
Web: mirror-trans.com