This is the final phase when the text is further examined to detect any slip or flaw and deliver the final and best version of the text to the satisfaction of the linguist and our valued clients.

For a text free from typos and grammar mistakes, produced with correct language and elegant style, Mirror is the place you want!

Mirror offers proofreading services for all original or translated texts in all languages, most commonly Arabic, English, German and French. We hire for this purpose a group of able, experienced linguists who have mastered the language and are familiar with the various cultures and fields.

Mirror’s linguistic team offer you a first-class text by refining style, rephrasing sentences if necessary and clearing all ambiguities to readily produce an elegant text, free from defects, with every word serving as a precious part of a captivating whole.

Proofreading and rephrasing include the following:

  • Correction of typos and grammar mistakes.
  • Ensuring proper punctuation.
  • Correcting language mistakes and using the right words that fit the meaning.
  • In Arabic, placing the vocalization diacritics for better readability of the words.
  • Ensuring unity and coherence of subject.
  • Rephrasing poor-styled sentences.
  • Smoothness of style.
  • Formation of the text as suits the purpose of the client.
  • Taking notes on sentences not fitting the context.

TEP: Translation, Editing and Proofreading

This is a separate service encompassing all three abovementioned phases as well as the following:

  • Quality Assurance: Assessment of the text quality and modifying it to correspond to appropriate use requirements and specifications. This process, known as the internal checking of a text, ensures the translated text is identical to the original text and translation is consistent in every aspect.
  • Finalization: General coordination and final touches to the translated text, like pagination, font type, size and color; interpolating images, tables, etc.; accepting edits done in the previous phases, so the translation will become a mirror of the original text. This is the last phase in the translation process.