We offer more effective solutions to our clients

Translation is an art and a science, besides being a skill and experience. Moreover, it is an important method of communication among different peoples and cultures.

Linguistically, it is the process of conveying a meaning and a purpose from a source language to a target language.

Mirror team takes pains to perform their work as best they can and offer an accurate and honest translation. Between accuracy, integrity and free expression, translators seek to create a balance to provide a professional final product that befits the name of Mirror and ensures the confidence of our clients. We aim at achieving the main purpose of translation: namely, intercultural exchange and interaction.

Our policy is to rely on modern translation approaches in dealing with different kinds of documents, with rich vocabulary in both language pairs for profound understanding and fluent expression of meaning.

Work starts with skimming through a text to absorb its gist and determine its purpose and meaning. Then free rein is given to language along with thought, sense and literary taste, to produce a translation carrying the spirit, tone and all other aspects of the original text. A final aesthetic touch is added to increase the beauty and perfection of translation, thus breaking all barriers between the different cultures by producing a wonderful text, with no artificial sophistication or defective simplicity.

The words and expressions used by the translator vary in strength, delicacy, tone and genre as the field and context dictate. Each kind of text has its own features, and our team know well how to best express meanings correctly.