A service that Mirror’s personnel provide! We call it ‘speaking letters’.

Transcription is known to be the process of turning audio files into written texts by writing every word and letter; but is this enough?

Mirror has its own unique way of considering this process.

Our transcribers do not just produce a copy of the audio script with all its weaknesses and shortcomings. Rather, we add vocalization diacritics where necessary and correct punctuation marks. Moreover, we divide the text into clear paragraphs with a complete meaning and even finish fragmented sentences in the speaker’s speech in the light of the context, while adding notes to explain this. Our end is to produce a readily comprehensible script that, when you read it, sounds like you are listening to it.

Rest assured that Mirror’s team of transcribers is fully aware of the linguistic rules of the language they type so there is no room for typos. They also have good ears and perform with speed.

We provide our transcription service in several fields: speeches, lectures, religion and science lessons; meetings; sessions; investigations; opening words in conferences; TV and radio interviews and others.

Mirror welcomes all kinds of files, including soft copies on CDs, DVDs and diskettes.