Why Mirror? Transparency and integrity is the answer!

The secret of our success lies in our many advantages over other companies that make us the best choice. The Mirror team is remarkable for their tireless, relentless efforts, which makes Mirror well up to the competition with other companies – even those that have been around far longer than we have. We have managed to prove our competence and earn the trust of our clients in less than three years, thanks to the diligent efforts of our team.

Mirror boasts a number of advantages that make us your best choice in the translation industry:

  • Mirror is dedicated to serving you 24/7. Whenever you need us, we are there!
  • We maintain and guarantee strict confidentiality of all your data and work.
  • We care about your precious time. Now you can contact us from beginning to end via email or any other electronic means, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and more.
  • Mirror is only one call or SMS away! An excellent customer service is constantly and readily available to give you the full attention you deserve.
  • Our services are presented to you in a way that helps you choose what you exactly need. We do not impose any specific service packages on our clients.
  • Our prices are competitively affordable.
  • We keep all your files and will present them to you upon request.
  • In case you want to translate a file that we discover has been translated by us before, we offer you the translation for free. If the new file involves some alterations, Mirror gets paid only for the additions made to the file, not the entire file.
  • Mirror is committed to delivering files according to the agreed deadline and notifies the client in a timely fashion in case an extension is needed for a serious reason.
  • You will pay nothing until you receive your project as completed.
  • Post-sales services include detecting and addressing any issues in the file, refunding, discounts or indemnification, offered to you in proportion to any loss or error.
  • Mirror abides by the penalty clause in case of any breach of the agreed contractual terms.
  • Our price offer is submitted to you within 60 minutes.
  • We offer a free sample translation before beginning each project.
  • Mirror examines every project with the utmost care to decide on the right team members to undertake it.
  • Mirror team prepares a glossary for each project to achieve consistency in the terms used in it.
  • Every translation is revised very carefully.
  • Specialized linguists are assigned the editing of translated texts to ensure the highest level of quality and clarity.
  • The quality assurance department in Mirror is responsible for an additional phase of proofreading to fully guarantee the quality of the translation.
  • In projects exceeding 100,000 words, Mirror is glad to offer discounts of up to 20%.
  • Mirror team uses CAT tools to optimize quality and cost, like MemoQ, Wordfast, Memsource, SDL Trados and others.
  • Mirror provides varied payment methods to suit every client.

We are very proud of the testimonies from our clients, and our professional services speak for themselves, with our strict policy of quality and precision. All this and more make Mirror your best choice.

Our Work Team

Mirror is proud to have a coherent, hardworking team of specialists with over three years of experience. Our team is remarkable for its flexibility, proficiency, precision and integrity. All the team members work with spirit and passion and are keen to deliver tasks punctually and maintain the trust of our clients. Our creed is continuity of learning from the cradle to the grave and honest competition, which is why we have managed to achieve a giant leap in no time. Our team is our most precious capital.

Excellent Customer Service

Mirror is glad to provide customer service 24/7, including official holidays.

Our customer service department welcomes all clients, individuals and corporations. We are always ready to answer inquiries and swiftly respond to requests, according to strict rules of confidentiality and the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Call our customer service now and prepare to be deeply impressed by our decency and professionalism. All your inquiries will be quickly and fully answered to your satisfaction. We honestly promise to address your needs as soon as possible.

Mirror gives special attention to after-sales services. We guarantee finding timely solutions to our clients’ issues and we are always keen to maintain contact and firm up our relations and friendship with them.