Technological developments are accelerating. The emergence of a new generation of programs makes it incumbent on us to cope with this advancement by benefiting from it and adding to it. No matter how advanced and smart they are, tools and programs cannot equal, let alone replace, the human mind, that miraculous gift of God. However, they can do much to facilitate our job.

Many use such tools in the translation process, so Mirror serves them by promoting the quality of their translation work and finalizing it as best expected in terms of quality and professionality. Machines do translate, but only the human mind can combine language with sense and tastes to produce a fabulous, coherent work of art.

Mirror’s team is well trained in the post-editing of machine translation in different languages and different fields and a wide range of translation tools.

MTPE is indispensable. It corrects the output of machine translation and contributes to the quality of future output. This is achieved by looking comprehensively at both the machine-translated text and the original text, understanding the meaning and purpose of the latter, and tailoring the translation to suit the field and type of the text, ensuring that it is easy to understand.