Legal Translation

It has become one of the most essential discourses in translation. Travel and immigration have made it increasingly important for employment contracts and the issues arising from them. More need now has arisen for translation of birth, marriage, divorce and other certificates as well as international treaties and agreements, so legal translation has been certified for official purposes.

Mirror boasts a team of expert legal translators and specialists who translate contracts, agreements and laws with professional language and the highest standards of quality, integrity and accuracy.

Marketing Translation

This genre differs from all others, since its purpose is to attract and convince.

It requires a translator sufficiently familiar with marketing keywords popular among the target audience, along with language skills to introduce a product and present its advantages in an interesting way.

Mirror is glad to offer professional marketing translation services through its team of translators, who are highly trained in writing smart and creative marketing content.

Medical Translation

Its quite complicated nature requires familiarity with medical terms. Medical translation places a considerable responsibility on the shoulders of a translator, as it has to be perfectly clear and precise. Rough, untrusted, inaccurate or non-professional translations of a medical text can well cause unwelcome repercussions.

Mirror hires medical translation specialists for the purpose, and we also have medical consultants we refer to when needed, in order to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism.

Medical files we work with vary between hospital forms, patient records, medical histories, previous diagnoses, medical prescriptions and complicated medical procedures and surgeries.

Religious Translation

This sublime mission is carried out by translators to spread religion throughout the world and conduct interfaith dialogue among nations. This requires specialized knowledge and familiarity with terms on the part of a translator.

Oftentimes the need arises for translation of the Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, matters of Islamic jurisprudence and creed to non-Arab Muslims in countries like China, India, Pakistan and numerous others.

Mirror is proud to have a fine group of specialized translators who render religious texts in all required languages with accuracy and proficiency.

Technical Translation

This field of translation is particularly essential in this day and age. It deals with technological and scientific matters and is often needed by construction, contracting, engineering and electronic companies and factories, and more.

You can rely on Mirror’s technical translation team who use purely technical language and style, based on their profound knowledge of usable technical terms. We translate, for example, scientific and engineering articles, specifications for technological products, equipment installation manuals and technical journals.

Media Translation

This kind of translation travels around the globe. It has grown increasingly important due to the need for the almost instantaneous transfer of news.

Our team is proficient in translating press articles, program scripts, brochures, promotional publications and website content, thanks to their creativity in composing media materials in an interesting, accurate and professional way.

We are anxious to avoid the language mistakes made by journalists and media personalities, which gives us an advantage over others in this realm.

Literary Translation

: This discourse is one of the most powerful in the industry. It requires not only language skills, but talent and taste as well.

Our team has the power and creative talent to convey the spirit, tone and inner meanings of literary texts and travel with them across continents. We do not turn a dead eagle into a live sparrow, but try to revive an artistic work, where necessary, so that it may actually improve in translation.

The literary translation services that we provide include literary articles, stories, novels and other genres.